Lydia graduated Goldsmiths University of London in 2018 and is now living and working in Newcastle- Upon- Tyne.

She is currently studying for a Masters in Fine Art at Newcastle University and is a member

of the Newbridge Project and it's Programme Committee for 2019.

U  p  c  o  m  i  n  g   /   C  u  r  r  e  n  t    E  x  h  i  b  i  t  i  o  n  s 

W e d n e s d a y   1 9 t h   F e b r u a r y   -   S t a r   &   S h a d o w   C i n e m a ,   N e w c a s t l e -   U p o n -   T y n e     6 - 9 p m



W e d n e s d a y   2 6 t h   F e b r u a r y   -   C e n t r a l   S a i n t   M a r t e n ' s ,   L o n d o n   6 - 9 p m 


 M o n d a y   9 t h   M a r c h -   F r i d a y   2 0 t h   M a r c h   -   U n i v e r s i t y   o f   V i c t o r i a ,   C a n a d a 



 F r i d a y   1 3 t h   M a r c h   -   P i n e a p p l e   B l a c k ,   M i d d l e s b r o u g h   6 - 9 p m 


Current member of the 2019 Programme Committee for The Newbridge Project, Newcastle- Upon- Tyne


MFA Newcastle University, September 2019


Member of the 'Collective Studio' 2018- 2019.

BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London. 2015- 2018.

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form, Darlington. 2014- 2015.

Selected Exhibitions


2019 October, 'Works in Progress: Drawing as Thinking', Carliol House, Newcastle- Upon- Tyne

2019 July, 'AudioVisual', Darlington

2019 June-July, 'Temple', The Newbridge Project, Gateshead 

2019 February, 'Collective Studio WIP Show', Newcastle- Upon- Tyne

2018 December, 'Broadstroke', Manchester

2018​ July, 'Stockton Contemporary', Stockton- on- Tees 

2018 June, Goldsmiths Degree Show, London

2018 March, 'Bovis Stercus', Head of Steam, Stockton- on- Tees

2018 January, 'Beagle./', Hope and Union, Stockton- on- Tees

2017 May, Belper Arts Trail, Derbyshire

2017 July, Collaborative Performance at Slade Hall, Manchester

2017 February, 'Curiosity', Lewisham Way, London

2017 January, 'Lost Socks' Deptford, London

2015 June, 'Three Hundred and Three Days', Darlington

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